ICE: Building Belfast Interactive App

23 July 2021
Belfast's civil engineering story will be brought to life through the stories of how five local superheroes battled against the elements to save the city. Image credit: ICE

Civil engineering meets tourism with the ICE: Building Belfast App. An interactive app that aims to engage young people with civil engineering. Using a combination of GPS technology and augmented reality, the app provides a gateway to Belfast through stories that signpost users as they travel across the city. 

Doran Consulting is proud to be a part of the app which is set to engage young people with civil engineering utilising GPS and AR technology to discover the history of civil engineering at key sites around Belfast’s city centre. Ian's superhero powers have been described as ... 

'Ian Long a.k.a ‘Rock Steady’

Ian Long is a master of designing buildings. His hospitals, apartments and schools keep us safe and sound, allowing us to focus on what we need to do. He was involved in making sure the Albert Clock didn’t fall over. He used his engineering skills to keep it in place so that tourists from all over could come and see Belfast’s own ‘Tower of Pisa’.

The App is available to download via the following links:

App Store: ‎ICE: Building Belfast on the App Store (

Google Play: ICE : Building Belfast - Apps on Google Play