Ince B Glass Factory, Elton, Cheshire

Doran Consulting was appointed by Quinn Glass, to provide sub-consultant design services for axial piles and temporary cofferdams as part of this development for a new production, storage and filling plant at Elton in Cheshire.

There were approximately 8,000 axial piles including 100 tonne 425mm diameter rock socket piles and 150 tonne 500mm diameter vibro displacement piles. Rock socket piles were installed for the warehouse building where highly weathered sandstone was relatively near surface. Vibro displacement piles were installed for the production building where made ground mantled boulder clay. The pile design was verified by a series of preliminary and working static load tests.

Temporary sheet pile cofferdams were also required to construct the batch plant. The cofferdams were up to 7m deep with plan dimensions 10m x 22m and two levels of propping.