Ballydougan to Newry Strategic Trunk Mains Project

Doran Consulting was appointed by BSG Civil Engineering for NI Water, to provide full design services for the final phase of the Ballydougan to Newry Strategic Trunk Mains Project, to enhance the water supply to Newry and the surrounding areas.

The existing Crieve SR (0.4Ml) was demolished and replaced by a 4.2Ml, three-cell tank, while the site remained operational.  A new control building was constructed and new flowmeters and inlet control valves were also installed.

Carnbane WPS to Camlough SR and Newry West SR Trunk Main comprised a new 3.5km trunk main, installed in both roads and fields to Camlough SR and then onto Newry West SR.  The trunk main consisted of 2km of 500mm diameter ductile iron pipe to Camlough and 1.5km of 450mm HDPE pipe on to Newry West SR.  New flowmeters and inlet control valves were installed at both service reservoir sites.  Chlorine dosing and sampling systems were installed within a newly constructed building at Camlough SR.  Existing chlorine dosing and sampling equipment at Newry West SR was upgraded.

For the Carnbane WPS to Crieve SR Trunk Main a new 3km section of 400mm diameter ductile iron pipe was tied into the existing main and installed in roads to complete the trunk main and provide the new inlet into to Crieve SR.

Carnbane WPS was refurbished and extended to increase its capacity to 28.4Ml/d to deliver flows to Camlough SR, Newry West SR and Crieve SR.