Harperstown Hydroelectric Development

Doran Consulting was initially commissioned by Harperstown Power Limited to conduct a full feasibility study for a proposed hydroelectric development at Harperstown on the River Main, Northern Ireland.

The proposal was to upgrade an existing turbine and provide a new turbine in a separate turbine house. The feasibility study analysed the flow available in the river, examined various turbine proposals and calculated the annual energy production and economics of each system. A 250kW double regulated vertical kaplan turbine was selected and the client was advised of scheme costs, bid prices and payback period in relation to consultation under the Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE) Tender.

Our feasibility study was forwarded to ETSU. Our client's tender under NFFO-1 (NI) was accepted by NIE and we were subsequently appointed to carry out detailed design and supervise the construction of the civil works.