Omagh Hospital & Primary Care Centre

This project involved the development of a 28,000m² enhanced local hospital in Omagh, for provision of primary and community care services at a single destination.

The scheme also included major civil engineering infrastructure works including roads, car parks, service yards and extensive landscaped areas which involved flood modelling and flood compensation works

The new facility provides a health and care centre, GP accommodation, Out Patients Department, Renal Department, wards, Children’s Department and specialist care.  These were accommodated within a complex of buildings, generally of two storeys with plant rooms above. An Energy Centre and a Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) were also constructed.

The main hospital building has been designed with a structural frame, which comprises a reinforced concrete structure of in-situ reinforced columns and outer walls and continuous beams carrying reinforced concrete floor slabs. The ground slab of the main building is partially suspended due to variations in bearing levels on the sloping site. The plantrooms at 2nd floor level are constructed using structural steelwork with lightweight cladding.

The Energy Centre and the CSSD buildings are both 2 storey steel framed buildings designed around the proposed plant.  The upper floors of these buildings were designed as composite beams carrying semi-precast concrete floor slabs. The ground floor of the CSSD and Energy Centre buildings are suspended reinforced concrete slabs on ground beams set at levels to incorporate mechanical and electrical service ducts. The buildings are supported on reinforced concrete piled foundations due to the soft subsoils present at this area of the site.