Paediatric Unit, Craigavon Area Hospital

Doran Consulting were appointed the Civil, Structual and Traffic engineers for the new paediatric unit at Craigavon Area Hospital. 


The new centre is part of an overall plan to modernise hospital services for children and young people across the Southern Trust.


The structural design of this project was integral with delivering the desired architectural impact. The structure was designed by using a braced box system with a diaphragm precast floor with in-situ topping to support the first floor plantroom. The plantroom roof was formed by a series of cranked beams and cantilever trusses to provide the require roof geometry. The design process required a significant amount of co-ordination between the design team at tender design stage. A combination of suspended and ground bearing floor slabs were used to suit the variabilty in site levels.


The below ground drainage was provided for by separate foul and storm gravity systems, with attenuation storage provided for the storm. A number of modular site retaining walls were used to provide level access around the building.