Oil Berth 1, Belfast Harbour

Doran Consulting was appointed by the Belfast Harbour Commissioners to provide design services for the provision a new oil terminal at Oil Berth 1. The commission included an initial structural condition report on the original reinforced concrete structure which was built in the 1920s, including a load capacity assessment. The original structure was deemed to be well beyond its useful design life and could not be upgraded economically. We were then subsequently commissioned to design a modern oil terminal facility to meet the client’s current and future requirements.

The works included the demolition of the existing terminal, the construction of a temporary berth to allow continued operation of the existing facilities during the works and the construction of the permanent terminal to accommodate vessels up to 20,000 DWT, together with all associated pipelines and other services.

Compliance with stringent safety regulations permitted the existing oil terminal facility to remain fully operational throughout the period of construction. The facility includes a jetty head, berthing dolphins and mooring dolphins all supported on tubular steel piles with reinforced concrete deck structures.