Remedial Works to South Pier, Kilkeel Harbour

Doran Consulting was commissioned by NIFHA to carry out the design of sheet pile quay wall remedial works to the South Pier at Kilkeel, Co. Down. This was Phase 2 of the planned remedial works and involved approximately 250m of replacement sheet piled quay walls that have low water protection plates and a PC2 paint protection system.

The primary work involved the demolition of the existing deck slab, the driving of Larssen 6 sheet piles with protection plates and a PC2 paint protection system, a new capping beam and deck slab and the provision of new quay furniture including bollards, lighting and ladders. An anchor beam was also constructed below the new deck slab and attached to the sheet piles using tie rods.

The existing south pier is exposed to waves travelling across the Irish Sea and is often overtopped, making access to the pier impossible. A new rock armour revetment was constructed with 5,000m3 of rock armour being placed along the seaward face of the south pier. Primary armour units in the range 12-15t were used, with the existing armour used as core material for the revetment.