Taggart Showrooms


This development involved the renovation and conversion of an existing Jaguar car dealership into a multi-brand franchise serving Jaguar, Volvo and Land Rover. The work involved structural alterations to the existing building and the formation of new customer car parking and access roads on a former industrial site. 

In addition, the project also involves the construction of a new 22 bay, state of the art workshop facility to serve the new multi brand showrooms. The workshop is constructed from a clad, portalised steel frame and includes a 2-storey parts department.


This expansion involved the construction of a new Volvo showroom and the renovation of existing workshop facilities. The Volvo showroom was constructed from a clad steel frame on piled foundations.

Doran Consulting was also commissioned by McLaughlin & Harvey Ltd., to carry out the civil engineering design for a new one hectare car storage compound which is to serve Taggarts entire Greater Glasgow operation.