Tesco Metro Store, Belfast

The construction of the Tesco Metro Store in Belfast involved the conversion of the former Provincial Bank, a listed building with significant interior architectural features which were to be preserved.

The contract was carried out as a 'design & construct' contract for Spenhill Properties, in which Doran Consulting was novated to the successful contractor, Farrans Construction Ltd.

Major sections of internal walling at ground floor level have been removed. Support for the dome and upper floors, in addition to lateral stability, is provided by rigid steel frames. The steel frames are supported on new piled foundations. The existing walling, which was originally supported on timber piles, has been underpinned and is now carried on a piled reinforced concrete ground beam arrangement. Significant architectural details had to be preserved during the refurbishment works. The completed building has had a dramatic impact on the quality of the built environment in the centre of the city.