Ormeau Bakery Development, Belfast

This project included the redevelopment of the existing Ormeau Bakery building into a high specification apartment complex containing some 150+ units. This entailed partial demolition of the existing structure to form a new central courtyard, re-use of existing parts of the structure as apartment units, construction of an additional storey of apartments on top of the existing structure and construction of a new first floor landscaped courtyard. Other aspects of the project included construction of new build sections within retained façades, creation of a ground floor secure car park, creation of new stairwells as well as lift shafts through the existing structure and removal/ alterations to the existing frame.

The project posed several complex issues due to the nature of the existing structure, which ranges in ages from 100+ years to present day, and incorporates cast iron, steel, concrete and load bearing masonry elements. Alterations to the existing structure required analysis of these elements.