Milltown Dunmurry Sewerage Schemes

This scheme included provision for a pumping station, associated pumping main and gravity sewers to serve the new Ramada Hotel, Cooke Rugby Club and Belfast Indoor Bowling Club. The scheme involved laying 600m of gravity sewer, 300m of pumping main and the construction of a pumping station. The pumping station was designed for a peak flow of 1.1Ml/day. The pumping station was also designed to stringent EHS requirements, as the site was located in an area of parkland.

Also included in the contract was the provision of a new public sewerage system to serve the residents of Dunmurry Lane to the east of the M1 motorway on the outskirts of Dunmurry and The Belfast Bible College. The new sewerage scheme alleviated public health problems associated with existing septic tanks. This scheme included for the provision of gravity sewers, pumping mains and a pumping station. Part of the design process was to determine the best method of crossing the M1 motorway and the Glenburn River. Thrust boring was the best solution and a 1200mm diameter concrete pipe was thrust bored under the motorway and river. This pipe provides a sleeve for the gravity sewer. Care was taken to thrust bore the pipe to the correct gradient and to ensure that the Glenburn River was not disturbed during construction.