Sewage Engineering Design Service

Removal of sanitary waste and flood prevention has confronted public health engineers since ancient times and our water team has risen to this challenge. At Doran Consulting, we undertake the assessment of existing sewerage systems and produce designs for both foul and surface water drainage schemes. We have extensive experience of analysing information to extract relevant details especially with regard to wastewater flows and loads from population projections, and assessing catchments to predict storm water volumes.

Solutions include storm water storage, CSO design, pumping stations, rising mains and gravity pipelines. Our service includes liaising with landowners affected by proposed schemes, producing the relevant legal drawings for way leaves, rights of way and land ownership.

Bearing in mind the difficulties associated with pipe laying in busy and built up areas, consideration is always given to the rehabilitation of existing sewerage systems where possible using relining techniques etc. Our knowledge is now applied in a holistic manner by integrating the design of sewerage networks with the design and location of the wastewater treatment works. Rationalisation is investigated to provide long term value solutions. 

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